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Why Us

 Ron Wilfert, the President of SecureVision, has had over 40 years in the security document field. He was President of the American Banknote ID group, that installed the first three digital National ID programs, as well as the first digital driver's license, voter registration card and the US photo Visa. As President of imaging Technology Corporation, he developed ID and Passport  software imaging  products for Polaroid, Siemens, Unisys and consulted with these companies on the document design, matterial make up,  biometrics and integration for large government projects. He works closely with vendors and associates worldwide to assure a successful project implementation.

Who We Are

At SecureVision, we are focused on providing products and services to governments and government contractors in the Security document and secure biometric fields.

Let us know your requirements for security printing paper and supplies or for a whole government e-passport or ID program and we will work with you to put together the right team that will guarantee your program's success.